Car Air Con Recharge / Recharging for Prestige Vehicles


​The Prestige Service Centre offers Car Air Conditioning Recharging services for ALL cars and only uses the latest spec 2015 computerised air conditioning recharge machines. The process can also include at an additional cost a system anti bacterial de-bug to clear bacteria from within your cars air conditioning system, which will help remove any unpleasant odours. 


  • An estimated 10% of Air-Con gas permeates from the system every year.
  • Air-Con systems need recharging with gas & lubricant every 2 years.
  • Air-Con recharge service available while you wait (please allow 60mins).
  • Cooler air-conditioning or your money back guarantee


 Over 2 out of 3 of all vehicles on UK roads are now fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard. Many of us are familiar with using air conditioning in our car on both hot and cold days, but many people are not aware that like other parts on your car, the air conditioning system also needs regular attention to make sure it works efficiently.


 You may not be aware that over 10% of air-con gas permeates from  the air conditioning system every year, which means that it may not work as well as it should. This is why nearly all car manufacturers recommend your Air Conditioning is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. This service is not part of routine vehicle servicing so is often over looked by owners, so if your vehicle is more that 2 years old it is probably due a recharge. 


 Our trained technicians can show you the difference in your Air Conditioning system before and after recharge at the The Prestige Service Centre.  Air Conditioning Systems not fully recharged will be less effective and energy efficient, having to work harder by putting more strain on the engine and using more fuel. If you air conditioning has not been recharged in the last 2 years it will dramatically reduce efficiency.   


During the hotter months motorists use the Air Conditioning system more; however your system is also used in the winter to regulate heat on climate control systems. Air Conditioning also create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside and this can be used to de-mist your car windscreen more quickly. 


To keep your Air Conditioning system fully charged all year round, why not call in to The Prestige Service Centre and have your vehicle's air conditioning system recharged with gas and lubrication today. 


For more information or to make an appointment please call us on 01932 240 471 or email


Car Air Conditioning Recharge Services for Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, Jeep, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, McLaren, Mini, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, TVR, Volkswagen / VW & Volvo.

Recharge or No Charge 


We will replace and recharge lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with your manufacturer's recommendation. If we cannot improve the coolest vent temperature from your car by more than 10% when measured in degrees Celcius - then you pay nothing at all.*


* Please note if the ambient temperature around the car is less than 9 degrees Celcius it may affect the results of the AirCon recharge test results. In these circumstances, it is at the managers discretion whether to offer a refund with results less than 10%. Failure can also be due to leaks in the system, poor performance and / or age of pump and other related mechanical parts if this is the case a refund will not be offered

Strange Odours Coming From Your Car Air Conditioning System?



This is achieved by releasing an anti bacterial gas inside your vehicle while the Air Conditioning system is running, this clears all bacteria build up in your pipes which cause the odours when the system is running. 


This gas will not damage your vehicle , only the bacteria and is not harmful or dangerous to people afterwards. 

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